Weirdo Poetry is a messy collage of everything I love. It’s a publishing house for my poetry, comics, fiction, and non-fiction. It’s also the digital headquarters for freelance copywriting and editorial illustration services.

I’m a poet, writer, collage artist, copywriter, marketer, and serial micro-business entrepreneur. After years of trying to keep my artistic and business lives separate, I decided to do something radical. I decided to ditch niches and build a single platform where I could be my whole, weird, authentic self.

My niche is me.

The unifying thread woven into everything is my belief that you don’t have to choose between a life of creativity and a life of financial stability. You can have both—and the world needs you to have both.

I’m a melancholy optimist. I believe things will work out if we’re willing to persist in sharing excellence with the world. I also feel a deep longing for something undefinable that I’ve lost that runs deeper than mere nostalgia. My art and my work are about me chasing something down I know I’ll never quite catch—and I love it.

I’m also the father and primary caretaker of four children who will be adults before I know it. My search isn’t for unbelievable wealth—I’m looking for contentment. I believe in the principle of enough. There’s enough money and time in the world for everyone to have a good life.

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