All of Our Children Wonder at the Same Set of Stars

We find a lot to rage about on our small planet. Right now, wars are raging between peoples who have much more in common than they have things that set them apart. Europe is currently rediscovering the brutality of modern warfare, something much of the rest of the world has not had the luxury of forgetting.

Humans have a lot of marvelous qualities, but an overriding desire for peace is not yet common enough among us.

There is so much we could accomplish if we could work together. We could solve poverty, hunger, climate change, and end so much suffering. Instead of coming together, we foment conflict.

Universally, our children look up at the sky with awe. Our children may learn different stories about stars, planets, and the moon, but the wide-eyed wonder is the same.

I don’t know how you or I can promote global peace. I know that every time I gaze up at the stars, I feel like an innocent child again. I know that I can do more to love my neighbors and to make friends with the strangers in my community.

Perhaps, that’s how peace starts—one person reaching out to another person.

One person realizing the same moon shines down on us all each night.  

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